The years have brought many changes; the bell at the shipyard no longer tolls and the sound of the big saw going through a pine log is not heard (and cherry trees are scarce).

Industry has changed; vineyards and wineries are now seeing the largest investment in our area.

The first vine planted in Bear River goes back to the 1600's. The Bear River Vineyard and Winery was the first vineyard established in Bear River by Chris Hawes, who relocated to the area in the 1980's.

In 2017 this Winery and Vineyard was taken over by new owners, Darren Carey and his wife Su. They invite you to join them at the Bear River Vineyards and Winery to experience the history that has shaped their beautiful property and to share in their anticipation of watching it grow into the future. "History in our Roots. Growth in our Future". 

Just outside of Bear River in Bear River East is the home of Casa Nova Fine Beverages. Crafted fine beverages created at this winery in Bear River East including wines, ciders and cellos made from locally sourced ingredients.

Jerry Chute, from one of the original Bear River families, has returned to Bear River and established a prosperous vineyard property.

Some long-time family names still involved in the business community of Bear River are;

Peck, Benson, Chute, Henshaw, Milbury, and Rice.