Some of the many salt marsh and upper shore plants can be seen on the Millyard shoreline.

On all of the marsh areas of the river, depending on the time of the season, one may see: Sea Lavender, Seaside Goldenrod, Scotch Lavage, Sea Blite, Seaside Plantain, Orach, Black Grass, Spartina Paten, and Slender Grass Wort.

In other areas, these may be found: Bush Honeysuckle, Long Beach Fern, Oak Fern, Golden Lungwort, Jack-in-the-Pulpit, Sensitive Fern, and Mountain Ash.

Included in the trees on the Millyard property are century-old Oak, Yellow Birch, White Ash, Sugar Maple, Beech, Birch, Wild Indian Pear, Wild Cherry, Choke Cherry, Rock Maple, Pine, Fir, Spruce, Poplar, Hawthorne, Locust, Willow, Sumac, Hackmatack, Hemlock, Dogwood, Alder, Chestnut, Apple, Beech Nut, and the Bear River Cherry trees believed to be growing from the roots of the first Cherry tree planted in Bear River in 1789.  

Note: For 150 years, Bear River was known for its cherries.  All of these trees are seen on the river banks and in the fall the colour of the foliage of the hardwood trees is spectacular.

Salt Marsh

Various Species of Trees