There were several saw mills in the area, established before 1850 and extending until 1992.  

In 1914, the "Head of the Tide" boasted of their lumber sawmill, shingle mill, and granite works.

Later a stave mill was located in the same area.  The Imbert Mill at the head of the tide was the first mill in Bear River.

Clarke Brothers were very successful in their lumber operations.  In 1897 their estimated volume was in the vicinity of $200,000.  They expanded on this by adding a hardwood dowel and clothes pin factory.  The company by this time owned over 10,000 acres of timberland.  In the early 1920's, Clarke Brothers invested heavily in a pulp mill located at the mouth of the river.  It is reported that the investment there was five million dollars.  This venture proved not to be successful, for a number of reasons.

In 1942, Darres Brothers arrived at Clarke Marsh to set up their steam mill to saw lumber.  They later built a second mill and sold it to Bernard Alcorn, who ran a very successful operation.  This mill was destroyed by fire and replaced by a more modern, completely electric mill.

It is understood that they were sawing over 6 million board feet of lumber per year.

In years following, the mill was run by Gerald Buckler.  All mill operations at that location ceased in 1992.  That area is now the site of Bear River Millyard Recreation.