As near as we can learn, our first Cherry Carnivals were organized by a local barber and public spirited citizen by the name of George Brooks, about 1893.  Watching men at work in the ship building yards at the various heavy trades in connection with our early industries, he decided these men should have a day of relaxation during the hot summer months.  As cherries were in abundance in July, on trees which were first brought here from England by early settler Capt. Sutherland and had flourished over the years, Mr. Brooks decided to have a Cherry Carnival.

This event has been sponsored by various local organizations as a source of revenue.  The Bear River Fire Department is now the organizer of this event.  It is held each year on the third Saturday of July.  The cherries are imported now, but the spirit of the early years is still evidenced by the amount of visitors and locals on the streets that day.

Some vintage photos of Cherry Carnival Parades and water sports in years past.