We are all within the Southwest Nova Biosphere Reserve! 

Bear River Millyard Recreation offers you the opportunity to launch a canoe, kayak, or boat, and explore one of the most interesting rivers in Nova Scotia.  You may choose to just relax and check out the river, or walk on a section of the river bed while the tide is out, or receive a history lesson at the main building.

Note: Please inquire regarding the availability of a canoe or kayak and services available.  It is all about the river!

Experience first-hand the Fundy Tides.  Our river offers over twenty species of marine life, many types of water fowl and eagles, many varieties of wild plant life both above and below the high water mark, and 24 varieties of trees on the river banks.

In addition, we have nine historic sites, many types of rock formations, and encampment sites dating back to 500 BC.  You can also view the remains of a 19th century vessel (shown below).

Photo taken 1910 Photo taken 2012
The history connected to the river is almost unending, and much can be heard at the Millyard; however, there is also much to be seen along the banks.  The remains of two vessels, one thought to be from the 1850's (unknown to most locals), Cannon Rock, location of Native encampments dating back to 500 BC, bed logs from the shipyards, a fish trap remains from the early 19th century - all of this along with related stories makes an interesting experience for those interested in what is the same after thousands of years.