For the full river experience, we would recommend that you either bring a canoe, kayak, or small boat, or you inquire to us about a rental and/or guide.

Sea Life of the River

Many of the following may be seen on an extended low-tide excursion: Striped Bass, Salmon, Tom Cod, Fresh Water Eels, Flounder, Squid, Herring, Crabs, Starfish, Seal, Periwinkles, Sculpons, Allmouth, Jelly Fish, Sand and Mud Clams, Razor Clams, Red Clam Worms, and acres of Mussel beds.

Note: I have personally seen every species in the above list and often wonder if anyone else has seen the Razor Clams in our river?

Bird Life on the River

Eagles are seen daily throughout the summer season.  In addition, Heron, Dipper Ducks of many varieties, Mallards, Black Ducks, Marganser, Canada Geese, Snipes, Sandpipers, Herring Gulls, Mackerel Gulls, Kingfishers, Cormorants, Fish Hawks, and Owls.