In 1783, many Loyalist families settled here; however, the area was then considered Clements.

Some of the family names recorded in 1870 and still resident family names today are:

Alcorn Harris Morgan Read
Benson Marshall Morine Rice
Chute McDormand Nichols Robins
Dunn Millbury Parker Wade
Henshaw Miller Purdy Winchester


 Some other family names that arrived shortly after were:

Adams Buckler Dukeshire Milliner Trimper
Andrews Chisholm Ellis Morgan Wagner
Balsar Clarke Fraser Payson Wamboldt
Berry Croscup Frost Peck Wiles
Bell Cunningham Green Potter Wright
Brinton Davis Isles Porter York
Brown Dudas Lewis Thompson  


 Other arrivals before 1950:

Cress Darres Kaulback Oickle Wagner


Doctors to the community included Dr. Beckwith - 1847, Dr. Fullerton, Dr. Ellison, Dr. Markwell, Dr. Kinsmen, Dr. Archibald, Dr. Lovett, Dr. Campbell, Dr. Router, Dr. Black, and Dr. Brennan.  The resident dentist was Dr. Roop, part of a seafaring family.

The population of Bear River in 1914 was approximately 1100. 

There were five denominations of churches: Baptist, Methodist, Adventist, Episcopalian, and Roman Catholic.

Bear River Cemeteries today:

  • The Loyalist Cemetery
  • Church of England
  • Mount Hope
  • United Church of Canada

Our War Memorial is located behind The Royal Canadian Legion Building. The names of those that services are shown on this memorial.